Nov 2022

Altea 2022 campaign
Altea you have to live it

This advertising campaign has been carried out to give visibility to Altea in collaboration with the...
This advertising campaign has been carried out to give visibility to Altea in collaboration with the Altea Town Hall. The campaign has been promoted through Social Networks, bringing out the attractions of the white city, achieving 300,000 views of the advertising spot.

Under the slogan "Altea, you have to live it" a spot has been made with the goal of seasonally adjusting tourism and boosting its national notoriety.
Thanks to the fact that the campaign is supported by Correos at a national level, during October its offices are a great showcase that will be used to place the ad in seven Spanish provinces: León, Logroño, Palencia, Soria, Valladolid, Vitoria and Zaragoza. These provinces have been chosen to promote tourism in areas where Altea has less notoriety.
In addition to this, the video can also be viewed on the profiles of the Visit Altea social networks, on the YouTube channel of the Altea City Council, and at different tourist fairs selected as the most optimal to give it visibility.

The Department, governed by Xelo González, explained that "the spot is accessible and fully inclusive, with an audio description in various languages, to take the image of Altea around the world. Our goal is for our municipality to be an open destination for everyone”. In addition, he also contributed that he wanted to highlight the great tourism opportunity that Altea presents thanks to its culture, nautical and nature.

The spot lasts 96 seconds and has been made by Lavidente Films. The producer Ismael Martínez has related what they have wanted to reflect in the spot is the inability to explain Altea without living it, his words have been: "in our campaign we wanted to reflect the concept ''Altea, you have to live it" because we think that the experience tourism in the municipality deserves to be experienced for yourself and not told about it”.

In turn, the director of the spot, Jesús López Melgares: "I appreciate the trust of the Department of Tourism and the collaborating companies. The spot is loaded with narrative, fleeing from traditional descriptive campaigns”.

The content of the spot begins with a couple sitting in a restaurant in a hotel in Altea, where the girl asks the boy "How are you in Altea?" This question makes the boy remember his visit and experience in Altea. Your trip begins with a vision of its gastronomy, emblematic sites, Altea in festivals, its traditions and its typical products. All this flashback is used to highlight the opportunity that Altea becomes to practice sports such as: cycling, sailing or hiking through nature.
During all this time it is assumed that the girl has been waiting for his answer and he pulls him out of those memories with the phrase: Hey?, Hey?, Hey?, How about Altea? The boy, the protagonist of the ad, reacts laughing, letting the viewer understand that he cannot explain Altea with words and he infects the girl with laughter.

Herick Campos, General Director of Tourism of the Generalitat Valencia, closed the presentation of the spot with these words: "the ad reflects the Mediterranean town that it is, its zero kilometer products, its culture, its sea, its nature, its white houses and their values. It also reflects their desire to deseasonalize tourism with activities such as cycling to maintain tourism throughout the year and Altea's sustainable tourism plan.

There is no doubt that this spot can do justice to the great heritage of Altea. Also, thanks to him get the impact and notoriety it deserves.